Florida: Stop Endangering The Witness To Your Crimes

There’s a new petition out, to protect the safety and free speech of Harold Hempstead and all inmates.

FDC must stop attacking free speech.  Florida Department of Corrections is committing serious human rights violations, including murder, and they don’t like their wards talking about it.  Those inmates, like Harold Hempstead, who have spoken to the press about the unconstitutional conditions of FDC, have suffered severe oppression, including being set up to be killed.  This is all detailed in the petition letter.  Apart from the fact that he has inalienable rights under the U.S. Constitution, Harold Hempstead is also the main witness to a murder by the State, so his continued survival is vital to the course of justice.  This is precisely why FDC want him out of the way.  Please help by signing this petition telling the authorities to call off the oppression and start respecting basic human, legal and constitutional rights.  Let them know the eyes of the World are watching America and they’re beginning to discover another side of Florida…

Florida Stop Endangering The Witness To Your Crimes

Here are some flyers for the petition you can print, cut up and pass around to spread the word:


Because Darren Rainey’s Life Matters…..


Author: hhccblog

I'm the editor of the Harold Hempstead Caged Crusader Wordpress. My name is Jeremy Schanche. You can contact me at the blog. The blog exists to bring justice for the murder of Darren Rainey and to address the numerous human rights violations in the Florida Department of Corrections.

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