Since Darren Rainey’s murder, I thought one of the strongest pieces of evidence that proved Rainey’s murder was the condition of his body after he was found dead in the shower.  I wasn’t the only person that seen Rainey’s body after he was killed.  The Dade County State Attorney’s 3/17/17 memorandum shows that several other inmates and state officials also seen his body.  A review of their statements will show they seen the same thing I seen.  Rainey’s body looked burned with his skin slipping off him.

I never thought Dr Lew with the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner’s Office would refuse to make a ruling on how Rainey died until she could somehow find a way to say Rainey died from something other than a medical problem that was brought about as a result of the extreme heat and steam in the  shower, caused by the water that, according to Dade C.I. Cpt. Dixon, tested at 160°F.

Causation is very important in law.  If the heat and steam in the shower that was caused by how hot the shower water was, caused Rainey to have a medical problem that killed him, then those who placed Rainey in the shower are liable of murder, if they placed Rainey in the shower with the intent to punish him.  In other words if the Dade C.I. staff made the water in the shower hot as a way to punish Rainey.

Since it was contended from the beginning that Dade C.I. staff used the shower to punish the mentally disabled, Dr Lew had to find a way to attack the steam and heat in the shower (the causation in the case.)

It took Dr Lew from June 24, 2012 till January 20, 2016 (or later) to come up with a way to explain away the above.  Dr Lew knew Rainey had the mental condition schizophrenia and that he was prescribed Haloperidol, so she started her research with the foregoing.  During her research on the foregoing she possibly found something that motivated her to contend Rainey had an undiagnosed medical condition, to wit “Atherosclerotic Heart Disease.”  Now obviously nothing existed to support Rainey having this type of heart disease other than Dr Lew’s statement.  Also, if Rainey actually had undiagnosed “Atherosclerotic Heart Disease” the foregoing was obviously not bad enough to cause Rainey any medical problems while he was alive.

After years of looking and Dr Lew coming up with the foregoing, it allowed Dr Lew to say the following.  You’ll be surprised at the outrageousness of what she said.  Starting at the last paragraph on pg.52 of the Dade County, Florida, State Attorney’s 3/17/17 memorandum, it states:

“Dr Lew notes two important aspects and correlations regarding Rainey’s mental and medical conditions and his prescribed medication.  The first is that ‘schizophrenic patients have an increased mortality rate over the general population!’  Further, Dr Lew advised that ‘schizophrenic patients may have a dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system which could increase the risk of cardio-vascular events.’  As previously described, Dr Lew found evidence during the autopsy of atherosclerotic heart disease and made it one of her autopsy findings.  Second, with respect to psychotropic medications, Dr Lew noted that certain types of anti-psychotic medications, including Haloperidol, have been known to ‘impair’ thermoregulation (48) and contribute to hyperthermia (49).  In addition Dr Lew noted that people with schizophrenia have a ‘dysregulation of body temperature (50) including an impaired ability to compensate to heat-stress.’  Therefore, placing Rainey in the shower atmosphere for a prolonged period of time with his mental condition (schizophrenia) could have created an impaired ability to deal with heat stress.  In that same vein, the medication Haloperidol could cause a physiological event which could create a pre-disposition to sudden cardiac death.”

The above says in simple terms that Rainey’s schizophrenia, heart disease and medication he was taking caused him to overheat, have a heart attack and die in the shower.  According to this report, if you know anybody with schizophrenia taking anti-psychotic medication, they probably could have heart problems and overheat like a car.  To me this is absolutely crazy.  For Dr Lew to say such a far-fetched, outrageous thing instead of just stating what the evidence shows as to why Rainey’s body was hot before and after his death, shows us the extent that people will go through to try and cover up another brutal killing of an African American.  It is obvious that the reason Rainey’s body was hot before and after his death was because Rainey was in a shower that, according to Cpt. Dixon, had water that tested 160°F.

Have you ever heard the saying the more outrageous the story is, the higher the chance is that it’s not true?  What is more logical?

Option One:

Rainey’s body was hot before and after his death because he had undiagnosed atherosclerotic heart disease, schizophrenia, and was prescribed a common mental health medicine and these things caused him to overheat.

Option Two:

Rainey’s body was hot before and after his death because he was in a shower that had a water temperature of 160°F, according to Cpt. Dixon.

The answer is obvious, the most logical answer is Option 2.

Why would Dr Lew do the foregoing?  I’m not sure, but I can think of one very reasonable answer.  The Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner’s Office has been working closely with the Miami-Dade Police Department and Dade County State Attorney’s Office for a very, very long time.  These three agencies have obvious developed a relationship with each other.  I don’t believe anybody from the Miami-Dade Police Department or Dade County State Attorney’s Office told Dr Lew to find some way to say Rainey’s body was hot before and after he died, other than because the water in the shower Rainey was killed in was hot, because they didn’t want to prosecute Rainey’s killers for whatever reason.  I believe somebody from the Miami-Dade Police Department and/or Dade County State Attorney’s Office encouraged Dr Lew from 2012 till 2016 to find a way to say Rainey’s body was hot before and after he died, for any reason other than the water in the shower being hot, because the shower wasn’t hot.  Those who told Dr Lew the foregoing knew they were lying because the evidence shows the water was hot.  This caused Dr Lew to know that those involved with the investigation and prosecution of the case didn’t want to prosecute a murder case, so Dr Lew looked and looked and looked until she created the far-fetched story listed above.

Why did those involved with the investigation and prosecution not want to prosecute Rainey’s killers?  Those who killed Rainey were and still are law enforcement officials.  Rainey was a poor, black, mentally disabled, Muslim prisoner who was in prison for a small amount of crack cocaine.  To them Rainey was a scum-bag nobody and his life didn’t matter.  How they seen it was why would they waste their time, money and resources to prosecute law enforcement officials for killing Rainey when Rainey’s life didn’t matter.  How many times have we seen African Americans get killed by law enforcement officials in our nation and excuses are made as to why the killers are not prosecuted?  When is this going to stop?  We must all join together in love and unity and take a stand for the value of life.  God made us all equal and we have to stop saying that certain people’s lives don’t matter like the babies that are aborted, African Americans, the mentally disabled and Muslims.  We as a nation have laws and they should be followed.  If we continue to degrade the value of lives of certain classes of people, one day we all can be placed in a class by others who believe our lives don’t matter.  I pray that we all join hands together in love and unity and do all that we can in accordance with the law to take a stand for the value of life and to show that


Please share this blog with your friends and with anybody you believe can help us with obtaining justice for Darren Rainey.  Please sign our petition on entitled THE LIFE OF BLACK, MENTALLY DISABLED MUSLIM PRISONER DARREN RAINEY DOES MATTER

Caged Crusader


48)  Thermoregulation is the ability to maintain a fairly steady body temperature even under a variety of external conditions.

49)  Hyperthermia is an elevated body temperature due to failed thermoregulation that occurs when a body produces or absorbs more heat than it dissipates.  Hyperthermia can become a medical emergency requiring immediate treatment to prevent disability or death.

50)  “Dysregulation of body-temperature” refers to an impaired ability to automatically self-regulate ones’ own body temperature vis-à-vis outside stressors and conditions.


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