I recently received a copy of the inmate mortality list for Dade C.I. for the years 2000 – 2017.  When I was reading the names on the list I was shocked to see Darrell Richardson’s name on the list.  In 2011 when I first seen black, mentally disabled inmate Darrell Richardson he was about 185 pounds of muscle.  I was told he was in prison for killing two or three people and believe that he alleged Oprah Winfrey told him to do it.  Darrell Richardson got Dade C.I. TCU security staff mad by always refusing to eat his food quickly and give his food tray back at meal times.  After security staff made several attempts to get Darrell Richardson to comply with their orders to eat quickly and give them back the food trays when he was done eating and Richardson continued to give them problems with complying, they started placing his food in a styrofoam tray.  After the styrofoam tray treatment didn’t work they started removing food from Darrell Richardson’s tray.  They told him when they gave his tray to him with food missing from it that they removed food from it because he wasn’t eating quick enough so that meant there was too much food on the tray.  As Richardson continued to not eat quickly and not return his styrofoam trays after meals, security staff decided they’d start withholding trays from him when they didn’t have time to get the styrofoam tray back from him.  

In other words, when security staff knew prior to feeding a meal, they wouldn’t have enough time to deal with getting Richardson’s tray back from him, they just wouldn’t feed him.  This was the treatment Richardson received for several months.  How do I know this?  Because I was the orderly serving the meals with security staff and because of my personal relationship with staff.  The last time I seen Richardson (like Oscar Davis) was the day he was leaving the Dade C.I. TCU.  He appeared to me to weigh under 120 pounds.  He was so weak he had to be pushed in a wheelchair out of the Dade C.I. Transitional Care Unit.  Darrell Richardson was the second inmate that I knew from Dade C.I. TCU that I believe died from a medical problem that came about as a result of being denied a large quantity of food on a daily basis for several months.  I believe the security staff that used to deny Richardson food caused his death and are liable for murder if the extreme lack of food led to a medical condition that caused his death.  Even though Richardson was a murderer who was a headache to Dade C.I. security staff, they had no right to deny him food as punishment.  His mental disability is what caused him to be as he was.  What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong.  The law mandated that security staff give Darrell Richardson three full meals a day.  They didn’t follow the law.  Richardson was a mentally disabled, black inmate.  The Florida of Corrections swept what happened to Richardson under the rug  and attempted to hide the Darrell Richardson case by not listing him on the inmate mortality list for Dade C.I.  I wonder how many more inmates are not on the inmate mortality list that died at Dade C.I. or who Dade C.I. staff were behind the deaths of.  I advised the Department of Justice of these matters concerning Darrell Richardson.  Also, I filed FDC grievances on what happened to Oscar Davis and Darrell Richardson.  This is another case that the Dade County Florida Medical Examiner, MDPD and Dade County State Attorney covered up.  Why?  Because just like with Darren Rainey and Oscar Davis, Darrell Richardson was a mentally disabled black inmate and to these agencies his life didn’t matter.  

My dear friends, we are just starting.  There is a lot to discuss.  Darrell Richardson was denied food as a punishment in the same Dade C.I. TCU Darren Rainey was killed in.  

Will you please share this blog with your friends and anybody you believe would like to join us in our fight for the value of life.  We need your help.  You can make the difference.  Please sign our petition on Change.org called THE LIFE OF BLACK, MENTALLY DISABLED MUSLIM PRISONER DARREN RAINEY DOES MATTER.

Caged Crusader


Author: hhccblog

I'm the editor of the Harold Hempstead Caged Crusader Wordpress. My name is Jeremy Schanche. You can contact me at the blog. The blog exists to bring justice for the murder of Darren Rainey and to address the numerous human rights violations in the Florida Department of Corrections.

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