On 6/23/12 Darren Rainey was brutally killed in a shower that reached temperatures in excess of 160 degrees Fahrenheit in the Dade C.I. Transitional Care Unit (TCU).  The Miami Dade Police Department was assigned to investigate the Rainey murder that same night, but they didn’t actually start investigating said murder till June 2014.  What caused them to start their investigation in June 2014?  The Miami Herald newspaper published weeks of articles on how the police were refusing to investigate said murder.  

In June 2014, when police started their investigation I was one of the inmate-witnesses they interviewed in June 2014 about the Rainey murder.  Following the Dade County Florida State Attorney’s 3/17/17 decision not to prosecute in the Rainey case, the Miami Herald Newspaper ordered all the public records in the Rainey case which included audio copies of all the interviews the police conducted.  As of 4/19/17 I’ve been told by a Miami Herald representative that the Dade County State Attorney turned over audio copies of all the interviews the police conducted with everybody but me.  Also, I was told that the Dade County State Attorney said the alleged reason why her office didn’t provide an audio copy of my interview with the police was because they didn’t have it, and the MDPD was still in possession of it.  Now tell me this doesn’t sound like more foul play.  Why would the MDPD provide the audio recordings they conducted with everybody but me to the State Attorney?  Does the Dade County State Attorney have the audio recording of my interview, and they just don’t want to turn it over to the Herald because the State Attorney knows she lied several times on me in her 3/17/17 memorandum and to the media about things she alleged I told the police?  Does the Miami-Dade Police Department still have the audio recording of my interview and they don’t want to turn it over to the Dade County State Attorney, because the police told the Dade County State Attorney I told them things that I didn’t say?  Are the Dade County Florida State Attorney and/or MDPD refusing to provide an audio copy of my June 2014 interview with the police until one or both of these agencies can add or subtract things from my interview to suit their lies?  These are questions that I have about matters that I’d like to know.  There are several things that concern my June 2014 interview with the police that I don’t need to ask any questions on.  I know I didn’t say several things in my police interview that the Dade County State Attorney alleged I said since 3/17/17.  I know when the police were interviewing me they were doing their best to limit my answers and evidence I was trying to provide to the degree that I said something about it more than once.  I know that MDPD detective Sanchez told me prior to the interview that the Miami Herald had published several articles on the Rainey murder in the weeks prior to them interviewing me in June 2014, and later on I found out that the majority of those articles were on how the MDPD was refusing to do their job and investigate the Rainey murder.  I know these news articles got the police in some trouble and got them mad.  Other than all of the foregoing that I do know, I know one more thing which is: there’s no logical reason why the audio interview I had with the police wasn’t turned over to the media with all the other audio interviews but for foul play with the MDPD and Dade County Florida State Attorney.  

Is it too much to ask that the law be followed in the Rainey case?  Is it too much to expect Dade County officials to do their jobs that they swore oaths to do?

Please share this blog with your friends and anybody you think would like to join us in our fight for the value of life.  Please sign our petition on Change.org entitled THE LIFE OF BLACK, MENTALLY DISABLED MUSLIM PRISONER DARREN RAINEY DOES MATTER.

Harold Hempstead, a.k.a. ‘Caged Crusader,’  Tennessee D.C., April 2017


Author: hhccblog

I'm the editor of the Harold Hempstead Caged Crusader Wordpress. My name is Jeremy Schanche. You can contact me at the blog. The blog exists to bring justice for the murder of Darren Rainey and to address the numerous human rights violations in the Florida Department of Corrections.

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