Promises From Harold Hempstead Concerning His Involvement With Trying To Bring Reform To The Usage Of Confidential Informants By Law Enforcement

(1)  I promise to be honest about my past as a confidential informant.
(2)  I promise to be zealous and to persevere to obtain the reform that is needed.
(3)  I promise to stand strong under any retaliation I might be subjected to for my attempts to bring reform.
(4)  I promise to respond to all false claims that people make to try to mislead the people of Florida and to try to stop me from obtaining the reform.
(5)  I promise that I will not let any retaliation or false statements made against me hinder me from obtaining the reform that is so badly needed.
(6)  I promise that I will do everything I can to educate people on law enforcement  corruption and confidential informant matters.
(7)  I promise that I’ll do my best to produce as much evidence as I can to prove the matters I assert.
Notice:  Please read my book entitled “Used And Abused By The St Petersburg Police Department – My Life As A Juvenile Confidential Informant.”  This book can be located at Crusader Books or Lulu Publishing.


I’m in need of any information you can provide me with concerning any African Americans who were killed by Dade County, Florida law enforcement officials and the Dade County, Florida State Attorney didn’t prosecute the case.  Also, I’m in need of any information you have on any type of corruption involving the Dade County Florida State Attorney, Dade County Florida Medical Examiner and Miami-Dade Police Department.  

If you have any newspaper articles or documents you can provide me on any of the foregoing, please send them to my friend Jeremy who manages this blog.  I believe he’ll show me kindness in getting me copies of whatever documents, information, etc. you mail him.  Thank you for your kindness.  

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Caged Crusader


On Saturday 6/23/12 when Darren Rainey was murdered, I was housed in Wing J3-101.  On Tuesday 6/26/12 I was moved from Wing J3-101 to Wing J1-117.  On Wednesday 6/27/12 Dade C.I. Major McCarter called me out to speak in one of the offices in Wing J1.  Several security staff were present to watch the Major question me.  

How I deemed the foregoing was the major was trying to intimidate me to not say anything that could hurt staff.  This caused me to do my best to get out of the office with him as quick as possible.  The longer I was in the office with the Major, the more security staff would think the chance existed that I slipped and said something I wasn’t supposed to say about the Darren Rainey murder or something else in the Dade C.I. TCU.  I was in and out of the office in approximately four minutes.  

From approximately thirteen years of incarceration and legal studies, I knew the Major to some degree shared liability and my experience told me to not tell FDC (the Major) that FDC (the Major’s staff) killed an inmate and I was a witness that was going to talk and tell everything, until I first told people in society what happened.  That way, if I was killed or mysteriously found dead, my family and people in society would know why.  I thought I did good with my answers to the Major.  The last question the Major asked me was if I had anything I wanted to say on anything.  I told him “yes, isn’t the only important thing that they did their thirty-minute security checks?”  

The Major responded, “yes – did they do their security checks?”

I responded, “yes.  Officer Thompson found Rainey dead approximately twenty or twenty-five minutes after the last officers were in the wing.”

The Major said “ok Hempstead.”

When shift changed at 4:00pm, I knew it was in my best interest to tell Ofcs. Clarke and Thompson as quick as possible about the Major questioning me.  By doing such, they’d think I didn’t have anything to hide.  The 4:00 pm till 12:00 am shift started with officers Clarke and Thompson counting.  Ofc. Clarke went by my cell too quick.  I wasn’t able to stop him.  I was able to stop Ofc. Thompson.  When I told Ofc. Thompson the questions Major McCarter asked me and my answers etc. to the Major, he said “you told the Major I found Rainey dead?”  I responded “yes.  Why?”  

Ofc. Thompson then yelled over to Ofc. Clarke and asked him to come over to where we were.  When Ofc. Clarke got to where we were at, Ofc. Thompson asked me to tell Ofc. Clarke everything I just told him (Ofc. Thompson.)  When I got done repeating everything, Ofc. Thompson said “you shouldn’t have told the Major I found Rainey.  If anybody else ask, tell them Ofc. Clarke found Rainey dead.”  Ofc. Clarke then said “yea.  Tell them I found him.”  

I responded, “why would you want me to say that?  The cameras can prove that didn’t happen.  There wasn’t a thirty-minute period between the time Ofc. Thompson found him and the time you came to the shower after Ofc. Thompson, and Rainey was reported dead.  Security Checks are every thirty minutes.  You won’t be able to say your check on Rainey was a Security Check.”  

Ofc. Clarke then stated again, “if anybody else ask tell them I found Rainey dead.”  

I responded, “I understand.”

To me. it was clear I was being told to lie and that there was a strong possibility these Ofcs. put on their Incident Reports that Ofc. Clarke found Rainey dead and not the truth which was that Ofc. Thompson actually found Rainey dead.  In 2012 and 2013, I mailed the Dade County, Florida State Attorney’s Office, Miami-Dade Police Department and Dade County Medical Examiner’s Office several letters wherein I explained the foregoing to them.  From January 2013 till around the middle of 2015 I filed several Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) Inmate Grievances explaining how these Ofcs. were directing me to lie if anybody else questioned me on who found Darren Rainey dead in the shower.  

In my letters and grievances I explained how Ofc. Thompson actually found Rainey dead, that he left Rainey dead on the shower floor for approximately eight minutes to return to the officer station and tell his co-workers Rainey was dead, and then Ofc. Clarke came back and acted like he just found Rainey dead.  Despite me consistently stating in my letters and grievances this issue since 2012, the Dade County State Attorney in her 3/17/17 written decision to not prosecute Rainey’s killers, decided to believe the lies of these two Ofcs. instead of the truth which the mounted security cameras in Wing J3 supported.  

In the Dade County Florida State Attorney’s 3/17/17 decision to not prosecute Rainey’s killers, the State Attorney has her timeline of several things she alleged happened in Wing J3 on the night Rainey was killed.  This timeline contends that at 9:13:32  Ofc. Thompson left from checking on Rainey in the shower and walked downstairs past my cell, and at 9:25:41 Ofc. Clarke entered Wing J3 to check on Rainey in the shower.  By this timeline there was a time period of twelve minutes nine seconds between Ofc. Thompson’s visit to the shower when he found Rainey dead, and when Ofc. Clarke came back to the shower to act like he found Rainey dead.  Ofc. Clarke said he found Rainey dead while doing a security check.  Security checks are done in FDC every thirty minutes, not every twelve to fifteen minutes.  Ofc. Clarke by FDC Rules had no reason to allegedly do a security check twelve minutes, nine seconds after Ofc. Thompson.  The only reason he had to go back to the shower Rainey was in, twelve minutes after Ofc. Thompson checked on Rainey in the shower, was because Ofc. Thompson told Ofc. Clark and his other co-workers Rainey was dead in the shower.  

The Dade County State Attorney in her 3/17/17 decision to not prosecute Rainey’s killers chose to believe the lies of these Ofcs. and say that what I said was incorrect because these Ofcs. said something different from what I said.  She said this even though:

(1)  she knew since 2012 that these Ofcs. tried to get me to lie and say Ofc. Clarke found Rainey dead and not Ofc. Thompson;

(2)  She knew that security checks in FDC were done every thirty minutes;

(3)  The Wing J3 cameras showed Ofc. Clarke returning to the shower twelve minutes after Ofc. Thompson, which means it wasn’t a security check that caused him to return to the shower Rainey was already dead in.  

Just like I refused to lie for Ofcs. Clarke and Thompson in 2012 (and since), I will not switch from the truth and tell a lie now.  Those who killed Rainey will have to answer to God for killing Rainey, and their lies.  The Dade County State Attorney and Medical Examiner and MDPD detectives assigned to the Rainey case will have to answer to God for not prosecuting Rainey’s killers and trying to cover up Rainey’s murder.  Life is short.  We’re born, we live, we die.  As long as I’m living by the Grace of God, I’ll strive to manifest my love to the Lord by keeping his commandments (John 14:15).     

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Caged Crusader


Image result for okeechobee correctional institution

On 5/23/16 when I was placed in confinement under investigation at Martin Correctional Institution, Cpt. Scarpatti told me that somebody called the Martin C.I. Warden and the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) Main Office saying there was a conspiracy to kill me.  

On 5/24/16 I was transferred to Okeehobee C.I.  Over the next about six weeks, FDC made several inconsistent statements to people in society contending different reasons why I was placed in confinement on 5/23/16.  Not long after I arrived at Okeechobee C.I. I was interviewed by two men professing to be Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) agents, alleging they were investigating a conspiracy to kill me.  A few months after I arrived at Okeechobee C.I. I was advised by the Okeechobee C.I. Warden that two calls were made to the Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers contending that FDC prison staff were conspiring to kill me and FDC prison staff with the Inspector General’s Office were altering paperwork concerning me.  The paperwork he was reading from also made reference to prison staff who were allegedly conspiring to kill me being members of the KKK.  The two Crime Stoppers case numbers that appeared on the paperwork he was reading from were 104-65509 and 104-65662.  Because I was never placed in Confinement or Protection over the foregoing, I was caused to believe FDC was trying to sweep these alleged calls under the rug.  This caused me to think there might have been some truthfulness to these calls.  In December 2016, I was transferred from Okeechobee C.I. to Hardee C.I.  I felt that pursuing an investigation into these calls more seriously while at Hardee C.I. would be in my best interest so in January 2017 I drafted a sworn affidavit wherein I provided all the details I knew on these alleged calls.  I mailed this sworn affidavit to approximately two dozen people in the State and Federal Government, media, Civil Rights groups, etc..  As of the date that I’m writing this blog, I haven’t been able to find out who was behind these alleged calls to Crime Stoppers or any new information other than what I placed in my January 2017 sworn affidavit.  I mailed my sister Windy and Jeremy copies of this January 2017 sworn affidavit.  I don’t if this sworn affidavit has been placed on this blog yet.  If it has, I hope that my friend Jeremy provides a note at the end of this blog on how you can find this sworn affidavit on this blog-site.

The KKK is the oldest Caucasian brotherhood in Florida.  Since the KKK started being rebuilt in the nineteen twenties, they’ve strived to get their members in positions where they can be most effective in strengthening up their brotherhood and spreading their beliefs to Caucasians that can further their goals.  The KKK still has low-ranking knights and it is oftentimes the low-ranking knights that have done things that are deemed inappropriate, that have got the attention of the media (and government) and that oppose the primary goals of the KKK.  The KKK has bylaws that explain that the KKK is supposed to be a secret society and that only literature and activities approved by the Imperial Grand Wizard can be made known or public to those who are outside of the brotherhood.  It is a well-known fact by FDC staff and inmates that a very large quantity of FDC staff are members of the KKK and to think that the South  (and especially Florida) doesn’t no longer have a large number of racist and KKK members in it, is to not know the history of the South and Florida.

It is sad that there’s still so much racism in our country and especially in Florida but it’s a fact that we have to accept.  I know that my quest for justice for the murder of Darren Rainey and my activism against the unconstitutional conditions of FDC has brought a lot of attention and legal related issues to an agency that employs a large number of KKK members.  Did I upset the Florida KKK members by doing the foregoing?  I know that since 2014 FDC staff have called me all types of racial related names for taking a stand for a dead black man (Darren Rainey), such as ‘The Nigger Activist,’ ‘Nigger-Lover’ and ‘Nigger in White Man Skin, etc..  Also, I know that FDC is well aware of my communications with outside agencies concerning criminal activity and racism in FDC.  

If anyone reading this blog can help me obtain an audio copy or verbatim printout of the alleged Crime Stopper calls mentioned herein I’d greatly appreciate it.  

I’m a Protestant Reformed Presbyterian-in-America Christian who believes that I’m biblically commanded to take a stand for the value of life and help those who cannot help themselves.  I believe all that people are equal.  If Darren Rainey was an oriental man, Spanish man, a member of the KKK, or blue, green or orange man I still would of took a stand for the value of his life.  Why?  Because right is right and wrong is wrong.  Will you please share this blog with your friends and anybody you believe would like to join us in our fight for the value of life?  Will you please sign our petition on entitled THE LIFE OF BLACK, MENTALLY DISABLED MUSLIM PRISONER DARREN RAINEY DOES MATTER.

Harold Hempstead, a.k.a. ‘Caged Crusader’


After approximately 6 months of Dade C.I. staff using a shower that reached temperatures of 160°F (according to Dade C.I. Cpt. Dixon) to punish mentally disabled inmates, Darren Rainey would be the last inmate placed in the shower as punishment.  Why?  Because he was killed in the shower.

The primary officer responsible for killing Rainey was reposted to work in another area at Dade C.I. (other than in the TCU where Rainey was killed) about four months after Rainey’s murder.  Rainey was killed on June 23, 2012, the officer was reposted in October 2012.  In March 2014, the officer was reassigned to work back in Dade C.I. Westside TCU which is the area where Rainey was killed.  The officer who killed Rainey was no longer an officer when he returned to the Westside TCU.  He returned as a sergeant.

In April 2014 I met with a Miami Herald representative at Dade C.I., on May 18, 2014 the Miami Herald newspaper published their first article on the Darren Rainey murder and from thereforth until the first about two weeks of June, 2014 they published several articles on the Miami-Dade Police Department not investigating the Rainey murder.

In June 2014 the Miami-Dade Police Department interviewed ten inmates in the Dade C.I. TCU who were in the Dade C.I. TCU when Rainey was killed.  In August 2014 the MDPD interviewed an eleventh inmate in the Dade C.I. TCU who was also in the Dade C.I. TCU when Rainey was killed.

These eleven inmates were all witnesses to inmates being starved, abused and tortured in the TCU they were housed in.  Several of these inmates were witnesses to the Rainey murder and how the Dade C.I. staff used the shower Rainey was killed in to torture mentally disabled inmates for approximately six months.

Why did the MDPD place these inmates’ lives in danger and interview them while they were still housed in the Dade C.I. TCU in the custody of staff who were starving, abusing and torturing inmates?  Why didn’t the MDPD make arrangements to have these inmate-witnesses transferred to another TCU at another institution where the inmates would be safe and interview the inmates at a safe institution?  Do you believe the experienced MDPD detectives that interviewed these witnesses knew or didn’t know that by interviewing the eleven inmates in the Dade C.I. TCU, they were placing these inmates’ lives in danger?

I believe these detectives knew what they were doing and they did such to hinder/hurt the investigation.  It is obvious that the MDPD only acted like they were investigating the Rainey case because of the numerous articles that the Miami Herald published in May and June 2014 on the MDPD refusing to investigate the Rainey murder.  The police didn’t want to investigate the Rainey murder and the May and June Miami Herald articles that mentioned their failure to do the foregoing is what caused them to have to investigate said murder.  How do you think the MDPD felt that a newspaper was exposing them for failing to investigate the murder of a black, mentally disabled Muslim prisoner?  Do you believe that if the MDPD conducted a thorough and effective investigation into Rainey’s murder and proved Rainey’s murder, it would’ve made the MDPD look bad?  I believe it would’ve because it would’ve showed that the police were originally trying not to investigate a brutal murder and that they only investigated said murder and allowed such after the media published several articles on the police department refusing to investigate Rainey’s murder.  The sad thing is Rainey was a black, mentally disabled Muslim prisoner and that is why the MDPD didn’t want to investigate the Rainey case and that is why the Dade County Florida State Attorney don’t want to prosecute Rainey’s killers.

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Caged Crusader


At 3:30am on 3/17/17 I was waken in my prison cell at Hardee C.I. by Cpt. Schrank, Sgt. Hamilton, and Ofc. Cabrara.  After being told all my property was going to be thrown in the trash, I was taken to the front of Hardee C.I.  While in the front of Hardee C.I., Cpt. Schrank told Sgt. Hamilton “Serg. it’s on you.”  Sgt. Hamilton then slapped me with an open hand.  Ofc. Cabrara helped me get back up, as he was saying “get up Hempstead,” Ofc. Cabrara then held me from behind by both arms as Sgt. Hamilton grabbed my throat and said “you could’ve had a serious accident, but instead you’re being spared.  Don’t forget that.  You hear me?”

When the Sgt. let go of my throat, Cpt. Schrank said “you really pissed off the wrong person.  Think about what he said and think hard!”  When Ofc. Cabrara let me go he punched me in my lower back.

After the foregoing I was placed on a van with none of my law-work, Bible, property, pain medicine and wrist-support for my broken right wrist, pain medicine and back-brace for my hurt back, vision glasses and ADA equipment for my eyes, and without a urinal to urinate in on the four hour trip to Regional Medical Centre (RMC).

After we arrived at RMC, I was placed on another van and driven to an institution in Tennessee that is part of the Tennessee Department of Corrections (TDOC).

I have no criminal charges in Tennessee.  Interstate Compact is when an inmate is sent from one state prison to do his prison time in a state he wasn’t convicted in.  The majority of time inmates request to be Interstate Compacted from one state to another state to be closer to their family or to have better living conditions in a different state.  I didn’t request to be Interstate Compacted.  I never knew I was going to be subject to involuntary Interstate Compact.

Why was I involuntary Interstate Compacted?  I was recently told that the Florida Department of Corrections told Tennessee that the reason why Florida involuntary Interstate Compacted me was for my protection.  In other words, Florida has alleged that I had a serious protection issue in Florida that made it where I wouldn’t be safe at any institution in Florida.  It is obvious that the only protection problems I’d have in Florida is with Florida prison staff because of my activism concerning the unconstitutional conditions of the Florida prison system.  Accordingly, the Florida prison system has tacitly stated they can’t trust their own prison staff in sending me to Tennessee for protection from Florida Prison Staff.  If the Florida prison system could trust their own staff I wouldn’t have been involuntarily Interstate Compacted to the Tennessee prison system.  I believe this should show the Department of Justice and everybody that the fact that the Florida prison system don’t trust their own staff to not physically harm me shows how bad the conditions are in the Florida prison system.

Now even though the Florida prison system contends I was involuntary Interstate Compacted for my protection, I believe I was subjected to the foregoing as punishment for my Civil Rights activism concerning the unconstitutional conditions of the Florida prison system.

I also believe that another primary reason I was subjected to the punishment of involuntary Interstate Compact and the events that happened on 3/17/17 was as a way of hindering my communications with the media and etc. on the Dade County, Florida State Attorney’s decision to not prosecute Darren Rainey’s killers.  Obviously it is harder to communicate with Florida media from Tennessee than from Florida.  I believe I was battered and the other things happened to me on 3/17/17 as punishment for my Civil Rights activism on the Rainey case and Florida prison system and as a way of Florida prison staff trying to give me something to think about if I continue my activism in the Rainey case and against the unconstitutional conditions of the Florida prison system.

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Caged Crusader




In April 2016 the New Yorker magazine published an article entitled ‘Madness’ that mentions how Dade Correctional Institution staff threw Darren Rainey’s Koran in the trash and how the foregoing led to Rainey’s mental health getting worse and him being killed.  Would Rainey’s mental health have got worse if his Koran wasn’t taken from him and thrown in the trash?  From personally witnessing these events I don’t believe it would’ve.  If I’m right then that means Rainey was killed because his Koran was thrown in the trash.  Let’s look at how these events connect:  Rainey’s Koran being thrown in the trash causes his mental health to get worse, Rainey’s mental health condition causes him to get placed in the shower as punishment and while in the shower he dies.

In other words, if Rainey’s Koran wasn’t thrown in the trash his mental health wouldn’t have got worse, he wouldn’t have been placed in the shower to be punished and he wouldn’t have died in that shower.  How I see it is, Rainey’s Koran being thrown in the trash is what led to his death.  From my knowledge, this makes Darren Rainey a Muslim Martyr.

I’m not a Muslim.  I’m a Christian, but what do you think about this?  What do you think about Dade Correctional Institution staff throwing Rainey’s Koran in the trash?  Do you believe it’s right or wrong to be disrespectful to the beliefs of other people?  I believe we should respect other people and their beliefs.

Please share your answers with us.  We want to receive your responses to my questions.  We care about what you think.

Please share this blog with your friends and anybody you think can help us with getting justice for Darren Rainey.  Please sign our petition on entitled THE LIFE OF BLACK, MENTALLY DISABLED MUSLIM PRISONER DARREN RAINEY DOES MATTER

Caged Crusader