Attn:  Oliver G Gilbert III – Mayor of Miami Gardens – Florida – USA          13:2:2019
Re:  Roland Clarke – Darren Rainey – Harold Hempstead
Dear Mayor Gilbert –
I am writing to you from Great Britain to express my deep concern over the fact that Roland Clarke is working for Miami Gardens Police Department –
For some years I have been working on the case of Darren Rainey – the mentally-disturbed 50 year-old black Muslim man who died under torture at Dade CI on 23rd June 2012 – Mr Rainey was steamed to death in a specially adapted shower which reached temperatures of over 160 degrees Fahrenheit –
I have been in regular contact with Harold Hempstead – the primary witness to the killing of Darren Rainey and have learned a great deal about the circumstances of the case –
As you are probably aware – State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle closed the case on 17th March 2017 – finding no wrong-doing and bringing no prosecutions or other disciplinary action against the perpetrators –  I am aware of the official verdict and exactly how the case was handled –
The following matters are now public knowledge:
Harold Hempstead has audio recordings of Roland Clarke admitting to using the adapted shower to punish mentally-disabled prisoners at Dade CI Transitional Care Unit –
The recordings also feature Roland Clarke admitting that he killed Darren Rainey –
The video evidence submitted by Attorney Rundle was fraudulent and an attempt to pervert the course of justice through perjury –  As explained on his blog-site– Hempstead describes how the time and ID stamps on the video are from a different wing of the prison – NOT wing J-3 where the torture and killing actually occurred –
I suggest that Ms Rundle be removed from office and prosecuted for the crime of deliberately misleading a jury with irrelevant evidence –
Even though he has yet to be charged with any offence over the torture of at least five mental patients and the killing of Darren Rainey – I suggest that Roland Clarke is a huge discredit to the reputation not only of the police but also to the city of Miami Gardens – After killing Darren Rainey – Clarke actually boasted that he-d got away with it and that Harold Hempstead was his “co-defendant” – as at the time he believed that Hempstead was gong to cooperate with him and help cover up the crime –  In fact the opposite happened and Harold Hempstead has since dedicated his life to bringing justice to the case of Darren Rainey –   One of his suggestions in pursuit of this justice is that Roland Clarke should be given a polygraph or voice-stress test and questioned over his part in the death of Darren Rainey and the torturing of several other men in the super-heated steam-chamber –
I am asking you sincerely to do just this and interview Roland Clarke on the above matters – I believe – in view of the irrefutable evidence that Harold Hempstead has which proves beyond any doubt that the torture and killing of Darren Rainey was crudely covered up in an outrageous miscarriage of justice – I believe that there will eventually be a re-trial and this time justice will be served –  It would do credit to the authorities of Miami Gardens if they were to take a proactive stance and interview Roland Clarke and establish the truth about the events of 23rd June 2012 –
To quote from a recent letter from Harold Hempstead:  “In other words – a killer who is responsible for torturing mentally disabled inmates is employed for the Miami Gardens Police Department”
I am sure it is in the public interest to investigate Roland Clarke – and follow this up by taking appropriate action – Does Miami Gardens really want to be associated with a man like Roland Clarke~
As part of his campaign for justice for Darren Rainey – who died a terrible death – Harold Hempstead has just published a book: “DEPARTMENT OF CORRUPTION – Darren Rainey – The Untold Story” which is essentially 400 pages of extremely detailed information on every aspect of the case – He has written several other books on this and related subjects which are all due for publication imminently –  He is also a qualified Para-Legal and a Minister of the Church and has been trained by the police in evidence-collection since the age of 13-
I ask you most sincerely to look into these matters I have raised and take action –
With best wishes –