Over the approximately two years I worked in the Dade C.I. Transitional Care Unit (TCU) I discovered that one of the most common forms of unlawful punishment Dade C.I. staff subjected mentally disabled inmates to was denying the patients food.  It was very  common on all the shifts to deny inmates one to three of their meals a day.  Dozens of security staff used to commonly do the foregoing.   There were times I seen twenty to twenty-five inmates denied a meal in one day.  This caused a lot of inmate-patients to lose large quantities of weight in the TCU in short periods of time.  In two of my other blogs, I explained how Oscar Davis and Darrell Richardson, I believed, died from medical problems associated with being denied large quantities of food/starved over long periods of time.  The Miami Herald newspaper referenced Dade C.I. TCU mentally disabled inmates being denied large quantities of food as punishment in several of the articles they published.  In April, 2016 The New Yorker magazine published an article entitled ‘Madness’ which also mentions the foregoing.  George Mallinckrodt who was a counsellor in the Dade C.I. TCU spoke about inmate-patients being denied large quantities of food in his book ‘Getting Away With Murder.’  This long-term abuse/torturing by denying mentally disabled inmates large quantities of food/starvation was happening in the same Dade C.I. TCU Darren Rainey was murdered in.  

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I recently received a copy of the inmate mortality list for Dade C.I. for the years 2000 – 2017.  When I was reading the names on the list I was shocked to see Darrell Richardson’s name on the list.  In 2011 when I first seen black, mentally disabled inmate Darrell Richardson he was about 185 pounds of muscle.  I was told he was in prison for killing two or three people and believe that he alleged Oprah Winfrey told him to do it.  Darrell Richardson got Dade C.I. TCU security staff mad by always refusing to eat his food quickly and give his food tray back at meal times.  After security staff made several attempts to get Darrell Richardson to comply with their orders to eat quickly and give them back the food trays when he was done eating and Richardson continued to give them problems with complying, they started placing his food in a styrofoam tray.  After the styrofoam tray treatment didn’t work they started removing food from Darrell Richardson’s tray.  They told him when they gave his tray to him with food missing from it that they removed food from it because he wasn’t eating quick enough so that meant there was too much food on the tray.  As Richardson continued to not eat quickly and not return his styrofoam trays after meals, security staff decided they’d start withholding trays from him when they didn’t have time to get the styrofoam tray back from him.  

In other words, when security staff knew prior to feeding a meal, they wouldn’t have enough time to deal with getting Richardson’s tray back from him, they just wouldn’t feed him.  This was the treatment Richardson received for several months.  How do I know this?  Because I was the orderly serving the meals with security staff and because of my personal relationship with staff.  The last time I seen Richardson (like Oscar Davis) was the day he was leaving the Dade C.I. TCU.  He appeared to me to weigh under 120 pounds.  He was so weak he had to be pushed in a wheelchair out of the Dade C.I. Transitional Care Unit.  Darrell Richardson was the second inmate that I knew from Dade C.I. TCU that I believe died from a medical problem that came about as a result of being denied a large quantity of food on a daily basis for several months.  I believe the security staff that used to deny Richardson food caused his death and are liable for murder if the extreme lack of food led to a medical condition that caused his death.  Even though Richardson was a murderer who was a headache to Dade C.I. security staff, they had no right to deny him food as punishment.  His mental disability is what caused him to be as he was.  What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong.  The law mandated that security staff give Darrell Richardson three full meals a day.  They didn’t follow the law.  Richardson was a mentally disabled, black inmate.  The Florida of Corrections swept what happened to Richardson under the rug  and attempted to hide the Darrell Richardson case by not listing him on the inmate mortality list for Dade C.I.  I wonder how many more inmates are not on the inmate mortality list that died at Dade C.I. or who Dade C.I. staff were behind the deaths of.  I advised the Department of Justice of these matters concerning Darrell Richardson.  Also, I filed FDC grievances on what happened to Oscar Davis and Darrell Richardson.  This is another case that the Dade County Florida Medical Examiner, MDPD and Dade County State Attorney covered up.  Why?  Because just like with Darren Rainey and Oscar Davis, Darrell Richardson was a mentally disabled black inmate and to these agencies his life didn’t matter.  

My dear friends, we are just starting.  There is a lot to discuss.  Darrell Richardson was denied food as a punishment in the same Dade C.I. TCU Darren Rainey was killed in.  

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After Darren Rainey was killed an officer on another shift asked me to tell him everything that happened on the night Rainey was killed.  When I got close to the end of the events that happened on that night, as soon as I told him “I did all that I could do” it seemed like a big light turned on in my head that caused me to clearly see “I didn’t do enough to stop Rainey’s murder.”  As soon as this light turned on, and I realized I didn’t do enough, it felt like a thousand pounds of sadness fell upon me.  From that day on I realized that my failures led to somebody being killed.  From that day on I cried every day for hours a day for about a year.  Over that year I thought not only on how I didn’t do enough to stop Rainey from being killed, but I didn’t do enough to stop any of the starving, physical abuses and torturing I witnessed while in the Dade C.I. TCU.

My FDC prison files will prove that I blamed myself for not doing enough so much that FDC staff at Everglades C.I. sent me to Regional Medical Center TCU to be analysed for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD.)

In my 41 years of living, there was only one time I had to fight for my sanity.  That was from about June 24, 2012 till June 12, 2013.  As a person brought up believing in the teachings of the Christian Bible, I understood how high God held the value of all human life and while I was in the Dade C.I. TCU, I believe my actions showed I didn’t do enough to stop the violence and killings.

I seen 3 inmates die that I knew (Darren Rainey, Oscar Davis, Darrel Richardson), I seen dozens of inmates denied their food trays, I seen inmates physically beat, I seen staff placing medicines and other substances in inmates’ food.  I seen these things done to inmates by the Dade C.I. staff I worked for and that God gave me as a sheep to evangelize.

Even though my daily crying for hours a day stopped in the beginning of June 2013, till this day I’ve never thought that I did enough to stop the murder of Darren Rainey and the violence in the TCU.  In an April, 2014 meeting with the Miami Herald, I told them I didn’t do enough.  In an April 2015 meeting with the DOJ and FBI, I stressed to them that I didn’t do enough.  During this discussion I couldn’t control my crying over my failures so they gave me a short break to get myself together.  In an April 2015 interview with a New Yorker magazine reporter and June 2015 interview via telephone with Miami Herald reporter Julie Brown, I told them I didn’t do enough, several articles cite me as saying I didn’t do enough.

It is important for you to know all that I’ve said so far because this information will help you understand how I felt when I was first told that the Dade County State Attorney lied and said that I said I did all I could to stop Darren Rainey’s murder.  I was in utter shock that she would say something so far-fetched.  I still can’t properly express myself on this lie that her office made because of the shock that I have, that this of all things would be alleged.

There’s tremendous evidence to exist that proves I never thought I did enough to stop Rainey’s murder.  Yes, I know I was an inmate in the TCU and I could’ve been killed;  yes I know I couldn’t physically stop the abuse and yes I know I wasn’t obligated by state or federal law to stop Rainey’s murder or any abuse.  I know these things.  However, I also know that I and all Christians in the Bible are commanded to help those who can’t help themselves and I and all Christians are commanded to have courage and fear not.

I don’t know if the Dade County State Attorney has produced something false to support their lie or they’re just lying.  I do know that the Dade County has my diary in their possession and it shows that on June 24, 2012 (the day after Rainey was murdered) I stated in my diary I didn’t do enough to stop Rainey’s murder.  Also, the DOJ, FBI, my family and media have copies of that same diary so they also know the Dade County State Attorney lied.

I did what I could prior to his murder, but I beyond all doubt I didn’t do enough to stop Rainey from being killed.

The extent to which the Dade County State Attorney will go to to not prosecute a law enforcement official for killing an African American in Dade County Florida is shocking.

African Americans are people too and they should be treated like such. Do you believe African Americans should be treated like people?  Do you believe Black Lives Matter?

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